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Grants Vision, Policy, & Governance

The Vision and Mission of Jordan School District Grants:
Our vision is that every student in every classroom has the resources they need to receive the best and most equitable education possible.

To meet this vision, our mission is to ensure that all grants equitably meet specific educational needs, leverage funding, follow rules and regulations, and are managed in a way that maintains fiscal responsibility and future eligibility for funds.

Governance and Policy
Grants governance falls under the purview of the District Accounting, Budgets & Audits department.
District policy regarding grants is located in the Financial Accounting Manual pp. 45-52 

Dan Ellis CPA
Accounting Director
Committee Chair

Natalie Grange CPA
Accounting Administrator
Grant Application Budgets

Ben Jameson M.Ed.
Assessment Director
Research Grants

Holly L. Allen Ph.D.
Grants & Program Evaluator
Grant Applications

Brenda Veldevere
Senior Buyer
Grant Purchases

John Larsen CPA
Business Administrator
Grant Approval

Carolyn Gough M. Ed.
T&L Administrator
T&L Grants Management