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  • Q: Do I need an authorized District administrator to sponsor my grant if I'm writing it through the STEM Action Center?
    A: Yes, school-level employees are not authorized to manage state-funded grants; this includes STEM Action Center grants. You will need to contact Jane Harward who will help you get authorized sponsorship from the director of Teaching and Learning.
  • Q: I am a teacher and I want to write a grant for a project I am planning that will improve my students' achievement.  Where do I go for funding?
    District-level grants are available to teachers as a reimbursement for time outside of contract hours that they plan to spend on projects that meet district and school goals for student improvement and achievement.  As information is available, a link will be provided.
  • Q: I am a teacher, and a nearby business has agreed to give our school money.  Do I have to have a district sponsor?
    A: No, you do not need a district sponsor.  You do, however, need permission from your principal as you are not authorized to manage funds.  That needs to be done through your school administration.
  • Q: I am a teacher and I need supplies for my classroom.  Where can I go for funding?
    A:  You should always speak to your principal first before applying for funding.  Your principal may have funds available to meet your needs, which will leave other resources open and available for teachers at schools where funds are not available.  If your principal does not have funding, you may apply through the Jordan Education Foundation to fund supplies.
  • Q: I am a principal and I have a foundation that is willing to donate money to my program.  Do I need to have a district sponsor?
    A: No, you only need a district sponsor for federal or state grants.  However, you should notify your Administrator of Schools to let them know anytime you are applying for or receiving outside funding.  You  will be responsible for managing funds and reporting to funders.