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  • Q: I want to write a grant.  How do I get started?
    A: If you'd like to write a grant, the best place to begin is our pre-application form. Please check with your supervisor first then click here to get started.
  • Q: I am a principal and I have a foundation that is willing to donate money to my program.
    A: Please speak to your AOS before applying for any school-level grant. If you have their approval click here to get started.
  • Q: My funding comes from a grant. Do I still have to go through the purchasing process?
    A: YES! All purchases, even those done through grant funding, need to go through the same process as any other purchase of goods or services. Click here for more information or contact purchasing.
    Brenda Veldevere
    (801) 567-8703.
  • I received supplies from Donorschoose. Don't those supplies belong to me as a teacher?
    A: No. All goods including supplies, technology, etc... that are donated or purchased through grant funding belong to the school or department under which they were purchased. Because funding dollars are generally directed towards specific populations and are tax exempt, district employee may not transfer grant-funded items to other schools, take them home for personal use, give them away to parents or students, or use them for anything other than what is stipulated in the grant. Even if a foundation verbally gives you the ok, you run into tax issues and can get yourself or the individual you give items to into serious trouble.
  • Q: I am a teacher and I need supplies for my classroom.  Where can I go for funding?
    A:  You should always speak to your principal first before applying for funding.  Your principal may have funds available to meet your needs. If your principal does not have funding, you may apply through the Jordan Education Foundation, and grants such as Donors Choose to fund supplies.