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Jordan School District State and Federal Grants

The information on this website does not apply to Jordan School District Educator Grants or Jordan Education Foundation Classroom Grants. Please visit the specific websites for these grants as they will give you valuable information about their processes.

Welcome to Jordan School District State and Federal Grants

1.  Before applying for any state grant (no matter which organization or agency is sponsoring the grant) check with your principal or a District Authorized Grants Sponsor to ensure that you have their permission to apply for a grant.
2.  Before applying for any federal grant or grant larger than $500,000 you will need approval from the Jordan School District Grants Review Committee.
3.  Once you have proper permission, your District Authorized Grants Sponsor will need to notify the Jordan School District consultant over grants. This needs to happen before you begin the application process.

The exception to this process would be any formula grant that is run through the USBE Grants System.

If you have any questions or need help applying for a grant, please contact the District Consultant over grants:
Dr. Holly L. Allen
(801) 567-8115

For further information on applying for the various grants available, please select the type of grant you're interested in.

Jordan Education Foundation Classroom Grants

Jordan School District Educator Grants

STEM Action Center Grant,

Utah State Education Grant,

Grants from Other State Agencies or Foundation Grants

Federal Grant or Competitive Grant over $500,000