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Grant-funded programs serve all of our students every day!

Grants provide funding for activities that enrich our students' reading and math skills and give them real-world experience in science, engineering, technology, and citizenship. 

It's grants season!!!
Find some great opportunities here for grants you can use this year in your classroom.

JEF Classroom Grants

STEM Grant Opportunities

Grants Contact Information
Dan Ellis, CPA
Director of Accounting, Budgets & Audits
(801) 567-8389

Dr. Holly L. Allen
Grants Applications
(801) 567-8115

Natalie Grange, CPA
Grants Accounting
(801) 567-8312

Jaime Barrett
Grants Accounting
(801) 567-8312

Brenda Veldevere
Grants Purchasing
(801) 567-8703